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September 19, 2017
2 monthsago

The Misunderstood Thyroid

I have for years found it interesting how so many patients I see weekly, daily, yearly are overlooked, mismanaged, underappreciated or flat out disregarded about their thyroid symptoms and or thyroid condition.

Misunderstood Thyroid Most individuals understand that thyroid regulates their weight and energy. So if they are gaining weight and tired they run to their doctor and say I need my Thyroid tested because of these symptoms. Most good doctors will consider it and run a laboratory that at least looks at TSH, and maybe T3 or Total T4, maybe. If these labs fall into “the normal range” then you’re told your fine. You could be told, “Maybe your just  getting older and worn out, maybe it’s in your head.”

Misunderstood Thyroid – Personalized Functional Medical Doctor Who Cares

Well, there’s a lot, a lot more to Thyroid and it’s highly under appreciated! Your Thyroid gland is in your neck. The Thyroid gland produces 4 types of thyroid hormone and if even one of them is off you could experience a multitude of symptoms. Why? Because it is a up-regulator of all your bodies hormone receptors. Meaning when the thyroid is off many other hormones likely will be off. So you could experience hormonal issues that mimic sex hormone loss like menopause, male andropause, insulin irregularity etc. Thus Thyroid symptoms can range from weight gain to cold body temperature to hair loss to poor sleep, to depression and apathy and on and on.

Also, your thyroid gland and thus the hormones they produce does degrade with age. The gland typically swells with age, mineral loss and nutrient deficiencies and failure follow. So how can we prevent all this and be proactive? First, is understand we all with aging need a thorough lab screening for thyroid decline. And at least once every few years a full thyroid lab panel, i.e., TSH, free T3, free T4, TPO, THO abs. ( Thyroid autoimmune labs ).

Your diet, gut health, and nutrients that help the thyroid gland work are important to consider also. Often I find a women’s iron or ferritin (iron stores) to be low and that is one of the primary feeders to the thyroid gland to work properly.

Women after menopause, in general, have higher rates of low Thyroid or Hoshimottos thyroiditis. Unfortunately, I diagnosis more than a few new Hoshimottos cases weekly.

Treating someone’s subclinical, borderline or overt Thyroid condition is paramount to be Well and living Optimally.

So if you don’t believe your symptoms are in “your head “, just maybe there in your neck.

Talk to a Wellness Functional Medical doctor.

August 7, 2017
3 monthsago


IV TherapyThere are no quick fixes when it comes to health, nutrition, and fitness. Body changes take time and dedication to improving wellness. However, IV therapy can jumpstart your body into action and correct deficiencies so that you start to feel better sooner. With intravenous therapy, you can achieve higher-than-normal blood levels and benefit from an immediate therapeutic response. And that means you’ll be more motivated to carry on with the work of achieving good health.

Understanding IV Therapy

Anything administered straight to the bloodstream works fast. Most IVs are administered as slow drips but, in just about an hour, you can begin to feel like a better version of yourself.

For people who are in a poor physical state and need a fast-acting intervention, the IV Myers Restorative Treatment helps purge the body of disease while optimizing immunity. The powerful mixes of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients customized to your body’s unique needs and delivered via IV therapy support the glands and kill viruses.

You don’t have to be unwell or in bad shape to qualify for IV therapy. Used as preventive medicine, this treatment can keep you healthy and prevent your body from becoming deficient or ill. Anywhere from 1 to a dozen to more treatments may be recommended depending on your individual needs.

Do You Need IV Therapy?

All functional medicine is customized to the patient. IV therapy is designed to include the “ingredients” to target your personal goals or nutritional deficiencies. Here are just four situations when IV therapy can be incredibly beneficial:

  1. You are beyond stressed. One of the most frustrating things you can experience is doing everything right for your body and still not getting the desired results. Even if you’re eating well and getting enough physical activity, the stress of your job, family, or other worries can demand your body’s attention and derail every plan you have for your well-being. If you are unwell, stress is inevitable and will complicate the efforts you are making toward recovery.
  2. You don’t exercise enough. Maybe you don’t have the time or your body is compromised by a physical ailment. IV therapy can help with problems like muscle pain and spasms, and also makes it possible for bodily tissues to repair themselves faster, recover, and function better. You could be constantly low-energy.
  3. Your diet is less than optimal. It happens to everyone: Life takes over. You are busy with family obligations, you’re traveling for work, there are after-school activities to coordinate. It’s not always easy to eat completely healthy meals. But if you regularly avoid eating the good stuff because you don’t know how to buy it, cook it, or prepare it, nutrition coaching will help. In either case, IV therapy fast-tracks the introduction of important vitamins and minerals to your system.
  4. You are sick. Whether it’s your immune system, your age, or the environment in which you work or live, getting sick regularly indicates that something is wrong in your daily life. If you are living with a chronic ailment like arthritis or a serious diagnosis like cancer, IV therapy introduces antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents to the body and helps prevent the development of other illnesses.

You can recharge your health. You can feel better. And you can feel supported in your health and wellness goals. IV therapy can help. Contact Dr. James Lewerenz and his team at the Longevity Health Institute in Rochester Hills, MI to schedule your appointment today. Be heard. Be well.

May 23, 2017
6 monthsago

Snail_slugHow can a snail make you look years younger? As small as these creatures appear, they produce powerful STEM CELLS that lead to skin regeneration! Stem cells can multiply into new cells, tissue and progenitor cells from the stem cells, helping repair tissue, healing the body. The Cryptomphalus Aspersa snail secretion stem cells have been shown in a multitude of studies (published studies in the Journal of Cosmetic Science, 2012 and the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, 2013) to help heal skin, scars, environmental damage and more. These stem cells repair skin collagen, decreasing wrinkles and signs of aging. “Overall, the studies participants experienced significant wrinkle reduction using skin care products with snail secretion stem cells as a key ingredient”. At Longevity Health Institute and Lewerenz Medical Center we now offer a new ADVANCED Stem Cell skin care line, Biopelle. Ask our staff for more information!

May 22, 2017
6 monthsago

Acid-blockersAcid blockers are a Band-Aid for an underlying problem. If your stomach burns, hurts or refluxes, there is a reason. The reason isn’t “you have too much acid”. There is a wound or inflammation in the digestive lining where acid reaches, leading to heartburn or pain. Using Acid-Blockers cause a multitude of malabsorption issues. The reduction in Magnesium, B12, Zinc and fat soluble vitamins A,D,E and K is well understood. There is confirmed studies that Acid-Blockers associated Magnesium deficiency can cause Arterial Fibrillation, a heart arrhythmia. “So… How about we just fix your stomach?” -Dr. Lewerenz. Ask our staff at Longevity Health Institute or Dr. Lewerenz himself on how to reverse Leaky-Gut, heartburn, GERD and IBS.

May 21, 2017
6 monthsago

Sexy_coupleA healthy, affectionate relationship and sex can be good for your wellbeing. A meaningful sexual relationship can produce great health benefits by releasing hormones and increasing blood flow not unlike exercise. Research conducted at Curtin University’s school of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science has correlated sexual intercourse to the equivalent of 17 minutes of moderate to intense exercise. Intimate and loving sexual relationships release endorphins (feel good chemicals/hormones) and oxytocin the brain. These in turn function as stress reducers and a natural antidepressant. A healthy sexual relationship can boost mood, self-confidence, increase self-esteem and has a full anti-aging affect.

May 20, 2017
6 monthsago

GingerNearly 90% of women of reproductive age experience painful menstrual periods (dysmenorrhea) at some point in their life. Not only do menstrual periods cause pain and interruption of life, it’s so easily alleviated naturally. Randomized clinical trials with ginger have shown significant reduction in pain (using visual analog scales). Ginger has been shown to inhibit COX-2, which reduces pain and inflammation. Ginger is an excellent option for treating Dysmenorrhea. Typical dosing is 700-2,000mg for the first three days of menstrual cycle. “Complicated Dysmenorrhea cases should be further evaluated and are typical of an estrogen dominant female, meaning HORMONAL IMBALANCE”. Dr. Lewerenz.

May 19, 2017
6 monthsago

heart_diseaseA new and relatively simple blood test that can be performed by your doctor, easily assesses your cardiac risk. We perform this lab daily at Longevity Health Institute and Lewerenz Medical Center. Two lab markers: CrP and Glyc-A, if high can correlate to high risk heart events. InterMountain Medical Center and Heart Institute in Salt Lake City, UT independently identified these two inflammatory markers to significant heart risk. These studies showed that GlycA inflammatory marker could predict heart attack risk more likely than cholesterol itself. If your CRP and GlycA markers are high, it is more likely that plaques in arteries will rupture. More than 30,000 samples were collected from patients over 25 years. Dr. Muhlestein from IMMC Heart Institute stated “These two proteins independently predict future risk of heart attack”. This could be used to truly address the risk and benefit of “statins” for cholesterol and heart risk. “Inflammation is the true culprit of most disease. Get your inflammatory markers tested and reduce inflammation by diet, exercise, anti-inflammatory supplements and hormonal balance. Be heart well!” Dr. Lewerenz.

May 18, 2017
6 monthsago

ADHD and adultsAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is not limited to children. Yes, even adults can continue to have symptoms into adulthood. Often the focus and attention issues arise in career, relationships, marriage and overall feelings of stress. Studies show 30-40% of ADHD symptoms never resolve after childhood. There is also a very fine line between what might be considered “multi-tasking” and ADD. In our fast-paced world and demanding work environments, “multi-tasking” can be an asset, yet patients with ADHD often experience distractibility that interferes with important responsibilities and vital tasks. Marriages can crumble, jobs lost and changes in mood can consume an individual (Depression, anger, hostility).

What can we do for our loved one struggling with ADHD? First, recognize the issues. Diet is key! Eat high quality proteins and quality fats that feed the brain (salmon, nuts, eggs). A high protein diet rich in healthy fats can ward off mood swings and trouble focusing. Remember to address functional concerns with a medical doctor and psychotherapy (behavioral modification). ADHD MUST be recognized first.

May 17, 2017
6 monthsago
November 16, 2016
1 yearago

tempIf this a common phrase for you, no matter how well and long you sleep, you awaken tired and drag your feet right into the nearest coffee shop. Well, if
this is a common occurrence, you likely have poor Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR). Your morning adrenal hormone cortisol should be at its peak or highest upon wakening. Cortisol should typically fall gradually throughout the day, until the evening when you require sleep. Symptoms and illnesses associated with a poor CAR or Adrenal Fatigue: PTSD, Chronic Pain, GI Disorders, depression, CFS (fatigue), Insomnia, Autoimmune Disease, perceived high stress, cardiovascular risks, weight gain, Fibromyalgia, coughs and colds, and many more!

The most reliable and sound way to test and assess your CAR and adrenal function is by taking a 4-point Salivary Cortisol Test. Ask Dr. Lewerenz or his staff at Longevity Health Institute for your saliva test, and save on your morning coffee!

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