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“We are on the threshold of a new paradigm; for the first time in history we can apply advanced technologies for early detection, prevention and even reversal of disease”

This is evidence-based medicine!
It is no myth!
-Dr. Lewerenz

Patient Case Assessment & Evaluation Using Functional Medicine
Hormone Replacement Therapy and Functional Medicine Philosophy

Longevity blog

2 yearsago
Rest assured! At Longevity Health Institute we are taking every precaution possible regarding the Coronavirus. Our highest priority is the safety and health of you, your family, our staff, and our doctors. Our office has been practicing the highest level of cleanliness, sanitation, and sterilization since...
Dr. Lewerenz Top Doc
3 yearsago
Founder of the Longevity Health Institute and Lewerenz Medical Center, Dr. James Lewerenz has been named one of Detroit’s Top Docs of 2019 by Hour Detroit Media, publisher of Hour Detroit magazine. This honor is exclusive to the area, and top docs are nominated by...
3 yearsago
The male hormone, Testosterone (considering only men) typically lowers with aging. Typical declines are about 1-3 percent a year starting at age 35 to 40. Sometimes even greater. “It is not uncommon for me to see a man age 45 with a Testosterone level of...


  • Dr. Lewerenz is uniquely talented and experienced in integrating mainstream medicine with natural alternatives, especially where auto-immune conditions are involved. He makes you feel comfortable, listens intently to your concerns and ideas, treats with you with high respect, and great compassion. The best thing about him is his excellent sense of humor, which is great medicine in itself! His staff is equally impressive and courteous! I highly recommend Longevity.
    - Mary C
  • Excellent!
    - Michael L
  • Dr. Is patient and thorough . Staff is friendly.
    - Regina G
  • Excellent preventative personal information/help to learn what I can do personally to help myself head off illness. The doctor and staff attentive to me as an individual. I appreciate all they do to help me
    - Susan F
  • Dr. Lewerenz always takes his time, is thorough, explains everything, & is accepting of questions!
    - Jennifer R
  • Always a positive experience at Longevity Health Institute. Courteous and attentive staff who server your needs well. They approach health from a different perspective than most other doctors. Healing and preventing disease rather than treating. A very holistic approach is used.
    - Vincent S
  • Everyone is very helpful and they work hard to make me comfortable and relaxed. Dr Lewrennz is just terrific and works hard to solve medical issues.
    - James C
  • Everyone at the office always makes me feel welcomed. Great Dr and staff!
    - Jason H
  • Excellent service and fairly easy to make appointments. Greater knowledge, testing, and treatments than typical MDs or DOs.
    - Anon
  • Staff is great Mary is great, alto i didnt like the out come
    - Terry T
  • Professional, friendly staff. Everyone performed their duties courteously and efficiently.
    - Anon
  • Excellent as usual.
    - Lawrence C
  • Dr. Lewerenz is extremely knowledgeable on what is important to longevity and feeling good. His work has improved my health immensely. For years I went for my annual physical and my family doc said I was in good health. I went to Dr. Lewerenz because I just didn't feel good and was often low on energy. He discovered right away my hormones were not good and he was able to balance them and now I feel ten years younger and have more energy to play with my kids. Great doc!
    - David F
  • Dr Lewrenz and the Longevity Health Institute staff are most attentive to my concerns regarding my health. First experience that I felt like I was really being listened to. The Longevity Health Institute has given me the advantage of being on the correct path to optimum health. Thank you!
    - Heather S
  • I am totally satisfied with my care. Everyone is sincere and kind and thoughtful. I am glad you could fit me in at a moments notice to help me deal with my medical issue. Thanks so much, Sincerely Rhonda
    - Rhonda P
  • Thanks for always being so kind, loving, and patient with me as I sort out my health issues. I've appreciated your help the past few years. I always feel honored and respected. Thanks for the work you do! You make a difference. :)
    - Lisa S
  • The office staff is always so kind and accomating.
    - Luana C
  • Dr., Lewerenz listened to my concerns and helped to resolve it promptly. Patient concerns are always a priority with this practice
    - Anon
  • Everyone is very nice and helpful. They work really hard and are very encouraging and understanding
    - Allison R
  • Excellent! All the staff is very polite, prompt, and courteous - they go the extra mile. When I asked if I could get a Vanilla flavored Detox powder swapped they called other office and offered to have it sent to Rochester. Dr Lewerenz was great - I felt heard, and hopeful with his enthusiastic interest and confidence that he knows how to help me tweak my regime, dive a little deeper than most doctors and help me achieve the desired results. I look forward to the process and desired results by working with Health Institute.
    - Kathleen W
  • I was pleased with how Dr. Lewerenz answered my questions in a flexible non-dogmatic way in which he did not over promise certain results but at the same time was encouraging of a positive outcome. He endorsed my initiatives while stressing there are a number of ways to health and longevity.
    - Lawrence C
  • Dr. James Lewerenz, and the team he has put together, in my opinion and experience are outstanding. Because of his help, I am confident I will reach my health goals, and know that I have a professional who takes my quarterly blood draws, assesses how I am really doing on all important levels, orders tests when necessary, and works with me to help me get to where I need to be. His collaborative support is invaluable, as I work to achieve my health goals. I've rarely had such significant, helpful support from an M.D. in my 60+ years. His entire group, in Rochester Hills, is professional, as well. So, I'm delighted and I will not give up until I reach my goals.
    - Mary R
  • As always, Dr. Lewerenz really listens and takes all the time necessary. I find the assistants very helpful and pleasant. Mary is capable at giving IVs, very understanding of vein issues, and a very pleasant person.
    - Margaret F
  • I appreciate how Dr. Lewerenz listens patiently to all my concerns. He is a very knowledgeable and patient doctor. The staff is great!
    - Gregory J
  • There are not enough stars on your scale to rate how fabulous Arianne is. The care she delivers to her patients is with such compassion and professionalism. After losing my husband she is helping me regain my health and has been instrumental in my grief process identifying how to heal inwardly and move forward. I wish every experience I've had would be as wonderful as the one I've had with her. She is a true healer and I wouldn't think of going anywhere else. For those of you who have not switched to Longevity Health Institute as of yet, do yourself a favor and switch now as your body and mind will thank you for it. I would also like to mention that the staff at Longevity Health is also fabulous. They are all extremely efficient and very kind people. Thank you again Arianne for helping me through this journey. Sincerely, Christine Fricke
    - Christine F
  • I would highly recommend dr. lewerenz!!! I don't know of a doctor that will take the time to sit down with you and discuss your medical issues without looking at the clock. His staff is helpful and polite. I haven't felt this good in 20 years and have been asked what I am doing differently as I even look better. All I can say is, thank you!!!!
    - Anon
Dr. Lewerenz named “Top Doc” by Hour Detroit Magazine


Fellow member: American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Staff Physician: Beaumont Hospitals, Botsford Hospital, St John Health. Board Certified Physician. Clinical Professor: Michigan State University

Longevity blog

3 yearsago
A  study  from  a  European  Journal  of  Clinical  Nutrition  in  2017  showed  that  Vitamin  C  supplementation  can  improve  glycemic  (sugar)  and  insulin  regulation.  This was a high-quality randomized control trial of the effects of  Vitamin  C  on  Glucose,  HGBA1C  and  Insulin. Not  only  did  Vitamin  C ...
3 yearsago
Consider this: The average American eats 295mg of Cholesterol and 3-4 eggs per week. A new Observational study in JAMA by Dr. Zhongs from the American Medical Association, examined Cholesterol consumed and eggs consumed, both respectively for 17.5 years from a group of 29,615 adults for...
3 yearsago
Who wouldn’t want improved sleep, reduced stress, less pain and cramps, improved mood, improved heart, bone and muscle health? Well, that can be achieved by obtaining optimal levels of Magnesium in your body. Magnesium is a critical mineral that the body uses in more than 300...
3 yearsago
CBD or therapeutic hemp oil (cannabidiol) is experiencing a huge growth in the medical world. There is medicinal value and massive public demand in the wellness, holistic and alternative therapy world. There are vast medicinal benefits but what is hype, what is harm and what has...
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