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Who needs a statin?

The debate has been for some years now, although recent studies and experts are finally realizing statins should NOT be in every individual’s medicine cabinet. In 2012, more than a quarter of U.S adults were prescribed a statin to control cholesterol, which now sounds like MANY unnecessarily. Yes, evidence still shows that a statin can prevent reoccurring heart problems and strokes by 40%, but preventative use of statins now seems extreme considering the need for cholesterol. Cholesterol naturally manufactures hormones and is brain protective. The patients that actually benefit from statin use are previous heart attack, obese patients, smokers, patients with hypertension and diabetics. A Johns Hopkins study 2013 reported 35% of people that qualify for statins really do not need them! Their arteries were clear and cholesterol wasn’t an issue. Johns Hopkins concluded this by also looking at calcium scores or calcium buildup in the arteries.

“I believe it is always important to understand the risks and side effects of statin use, as well as taking a personalized approach to statin use. We must remember that cholesterol helps
make our hormones and has important health benefits”. -Dr. Lewerenz, D.O, FAAFRM
Consider these facts if you’re a healthy individual and choose to stay that way:

  1. “Statins do not prevent early death or first heart event” (John Abramson. 2016)
  2. “Statins may cause muscle breakdown and weakness” (Redburg. 2015)
  3. “Statins may increase Diabetes by 48% as observed in a 153,000 post-menopausal female study” (Women’s Health Initiative. 1991)
  4. “Statins may be linked to cognitive problems. (JAMA. 2015)