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Who is at highest heart risk? is it you?


A new and relatively simple blood test that can be performed by your doctor, easily assesses your cardiac risk. We perform this lab daily at Longevity Health Institute and Lewerenz Medical Center. Two lab markers: CrP and Glyc-A, if high can correlate to high risk heart events. InterMountain Medical Center and Heart Institute in Salt Lake City, UT independently identified these two inflammatory markers to significant heart risk. These studies showed that GlycA inflammatory marker could predict heart attack risk more likely than cholesterol itself. If your CRP and GlycA markers are high, it is more likely that plaques in arteries will rupture. More than 30,000 samples were collected from patients over 25 years. Dr. Muhlestein from IMMC Heart Institute stated “These two proteins independently predict future risk of heart attack”. This could be used to truly address the risk and benefit of “statins” for cholesterol and heart risk. “Inflammation is the true culprit of most disease. Get your inflammatory markers tested and reduce inflammation by diet, exercise, anti-inflammatory supplements and hormonal balance. Be heart well!” Dr. Lewerenz.