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Weight Loss

The weight loss journey can be a roller coaster. You have good days and bad days, skinny days and fat days, successes and failures. Other major certainties: Attempting to lose a lot or a little bit of weight without achievable goals and a solid support system can have you failing before you even begin.

Weight loss is not universal, and not every person will respond to one method the same way. Personalized weight loss and nutrition programs are essential, especially if you have certain dietary needs and health conditions to take into consideration.

Sustainable weight loss plans exist when you successfully alter your lifestyle to reinforce your objectives. How do you change your way of eating, exercising, and living? With help. And Longevity Health Institute is here to guide you.

The Weight Loss Lifestyle

If you fall into the category of people who has trouble reaching weight loss goals, the HCG Diet is a program that taps into the fat you have stored on your body and burns it away. You know the areas we’re talking about. You might think of them as problem zones, or consider them impossible areas to change – the buttocks, abdomen, arms, and thighs. Through the HCG Diet, the fat in these areas is burned as fuel to permanently lose weight.

Through the low-calorie HCG Diet, a patient’s appetite is suppressed with the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone (HCG), metabolism is improved, and the body is detoxed. But the most sustainable diet plans come from altering your lifestyle and developing a thorough understanding of nutrition and how the food you eat affects your body. Education – about nutrition and maintaining weight loss – is a critical component of the strict HCG Weight Loss Program.

For patients who have had a hard time losing weight or keeping it off once having successfully lost pounds, the HCG Diet can finally help you achieve and sustain your weight loss goals. This method should only be conducted under a physician’s supervision.

Beyond the HCG Diet, other customizable weight loss methodologies can include:

  • Inbody Composition Analysis measures fat, muscle, and water levels to analyze obesity, metabolic rate, lean mass, fat areas. In other words, the analysis tells your weight management team what really makes up your body weight.
  • Nutritional Coaching provides insight on how to develop healthy eating habits and sustainable meal planning.
  • Diet Plans are successful when they are customized to each patient and when the perception of “diet” is changed from weight loss goals only to healthy eating and living well, which, ultimately, perpetuates weight loss.
  • Allergy Focused Plans honor the specific eating needs of patients afflicted with food allergies while still allowing for a fulfilling and satisfying lifestyle.
  • Recipes are often one of the most difficult elements of weight loss to master. Having recipes that respect your health conditions, needs, and weight loss goals will help you maintain your customized weight management plan while still eating satisfying, healthy, and delicious food.

Medicine for the Body and Mind

Weight loss is part of a restorative approach to mind-body balance. There is incredible scientific evidence to support the belief that the mind heavily impacts bodily functions, especially those involving maintenance, repair, and age-related disease prevention. Your weight also impacts body and mind

Our longevity protocol can help you

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Decrease total body fat
  • Improve mood
  • Boost energy levels
  • Enhance exercise performance
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Increase bone strength and density
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve cholesterol
  • Improve sleep
  • Reverse chronic ailments like diabetes and arthritis
  • Improve vision
  • Enhance sexual performance
  • Increase alertness and memory

While it may seem that some of these mind-body elements have nothing to do with weight loss, remember that all parts of lifestyle and overall health impact the ability of the rest of your body to achieve the goals you have set for it.

Personalized Weight Loss Treatment

Increase your levels of health, and you can be a candidate for the HCG Weight Loss Program. Through specialized medicine such as hormone restoration, IV Myers restorative treatment, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, and genetic assessment, your body’s immunity can be boosted, chronic conditions can be managed, and weight loss can be achieve.

Work with Dr. Lewerenz and your personalized weight management team at the Longevity Health Institute to reach your weight loss goals. When the right nutritional programs are chosen for and customized to your body’s unique needs, you will quickly see that weight loss is about more than just counting calories and working out. Contact us at the Longevity Health Institute in Rochester Hills, MI, to learn more about a weight loss program personalized just for you.