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Vitamin C helps fight Diabetes and kills Cancer cells


A  study  from  a  European  Journal  of  Clinical  Nutrition  in  2017  showed  that  Vitamin  C  supplementation  can  improve  glycemic  (sugar)  and  insulin  regulation.  This was a high-quality randomized control trial of the effects of  Vitamin  C  on  Glucose,  HGBA1C  and  Insulin.

Not  only  did  Vitamin  C  improve Diabetic outcome but when added to Metformin (a Diabetic Drug) a significant risk reduction of cholesterol and CVD over a 10-year observation. “Simply adding 1,000mg of Vitamin C can save lives” -Dr.  Lewerenz.

Also,  the  latest  research  published  in  OncoTarget, showed that Vitamin C can halt cancer stem cell growth.  Essentially Vitamin C disrupts the cancer metabolism. Dr. Bon Ucelli from the University of Salford believes fully that Vitamin C is an Anti-Cancer agent.  Dr.  Ucelli believes that even further studies  will  show  Vitamin  C  will  “ward  off  tumor  reoccurrence,  metastasis  and disease progression.”