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Patient testimonials

Luana C.

The office staff is always so kind and accomating.

Lisa S.

Thanks for always being so kind, loving, and patient with me as I sort out my health issues. I’ve appreciated your help the past few years. I always feel honored and respected. Thanks for the work you do! You make a difference. 🙂

Rhonda P.

I am totally satisfied with my care. Everyone is sincere and kind and thoughtful. I am glad you could fit me in at a moments notice to help me deal with my medical issue. Thanks so much, Sincerely Rhonda.

Heather S.

Dr Lewrenz and the Longevity Health Institute staff are most attentive to my concerns regarding my health. First experience that I felt like I was really being listened to. The Longevity Health Institute has given me the advantage of being on the correct path to optimum health. Thank you!

David F.

Dr. Lewerenz is extremely knowledgeable on what is important to longevity and feeling good. His work has improved my health immensely. For years I went for my annual physical and my family doc said I was in good health. I went to Dr. Lewerenz because I just didn’t feel good and was often low on David F.

Terry T.

Staff is great Mary is great, alto i didnt like the out come.

Anon “Excellent service”

Excellent service and fairly easy to make appointments. Greater knowledge, testing, and treatments than typical MDs or DOs.