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4 Signs You Need IV Therapy

IV Therapy

There are no quick fixes when it comes to health, nutrition, and fitness. Body changes take time and dedication to improving wellness. However, IV therapy can jumpstart your body into action and correct deficiencies so that you start to feel better sooner. With intravenous therapy, you can achieve higher-than-normal blood levels and benefit from an immediate therapeutic response. And that means you’ll be more motivated to carry on with the work of achieving good health.

Understanding IV Therapy

Anything administered straight to the bloodstream works fast. Most IVs are administered as slow drips but, in just about an hour, you can begin to feel like a better version of yourself.

For people who are in a poor physical state and need a fast-acting intervention, the IV Myers Restorative Treatment helps purge the body of disease while optimizing immunity. The powerful mixes of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients customized to your body’s unique needs and delivered via IV therapy support the glands and kill viruses.

You don’t have to be unwell or in bad shape to qualify for IV therapy. Used as preventive medicine, this treatment can keep you healthy and prevent your body from becoming deficient or ill. Anywhere from 1 to a dozen to more treatments may be recommended depending on your individual needs.

Do You Need IV Therapy?

All functional medicine is customized to the patient. IV therapy is designed to include the “ingredients” to target your personal goals or nutritional deficiencies. Here are just four situations when IV therapy can be incredibly beneficial:

  1. You are beyond stressed. One of the most frustrating things you can experience is doing everything right for your body and still not getting the desired results. Even if you’re eating well and getting enough physical activity, the stress of your job, family, or other worries can demand your body’s attention and derail every plan you have for your well-being. If you are unwell, stress is inevitable and will complicate the efforts you are making toward recovery.
  2. You don’t exercise enough. Maybe you don’t have the time or your body is compromised by a physical ailment. IV therapy can help with problems like muscle pain and spasms, and also makes it possible for bodily tissues to repair themselves faster, recover, and function better. You could be constantly low-energy.
  3. Your diet is less than optimal. It happens to everyone: Life takes over. You are busy with family obligations, you’re traveling for work, there are after-school activities to coordinate. It’s not always easy to eat completely healthy meals. But if you regularly avoid eating the good stuff because you don’t know how to buy it, cook it, or prepare it, nutrition coaching will help. In either case, IV therapy fast-tracks the introduction of important vitamins and minerals to your system.
  4. You are sick. Whether it’s your immune system, your age, or the environment in which you work or live, getting sick regularly indicates that something is wrong in your daily life. If you are living with a chronic ailment like arthritis or a serious diagnosis like cancer, IV therapy introduces antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents to the body and helps prevent the development of other illnesses.

You can recharge your health. You can feel better. And you can feel supported in your health and wellness goals. IV therapy can help. Contact Dr. James Lewerenz and his team at the Longevity Health Institute in Rochester Hills, MI to schedule your appointment today. Be heard. Be well.