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Preventive Medicine

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When you are unwell, you need access to quality medical treatment.

However, isn’t the more desirable situation to never get sick at all? It is possible to remain in good health the majority of the time by making your well-being a priority. With proper preventive medicine, you can nurture and keep your body healthy and disease-free.

What Is Preventive Medicine?

Preventive medicine is focused on disease prevention, as opposed to disease treatment. While some people are genetically predisposed to develop certain health conditions, others have health problems of their own making because of lifestyle choices and environmental factors.

Many major health conditions – such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, and certain infectious diseases – develop over time. These health woes and many chronic diseases are entirely preventable by paying attention to and treating the body as a whole, which is the foundation of preventive medicine.

Preventive medicine is not just about getting rid of a sickness you already have; preventive medicine is intended to keep any potential sicknesses at bay so that you can live a happy, joyful, and healthy life.

Types of Preventive Medicine

Some of the goals of preventive medicine are to boost healing time, energy, immunity, and overall function, recovery, and health of the human body. Here are just some of the measures that can be taken when you are under the care of a physician providing preventive medicine:

IV Therapy

IV Myers Restorative Treatment is a preventive measure that offers nutrition through an IV. The nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to be healthy and function properly are delivered intravenously and immediately in high levels that are able to kill viruses and support your glands. Some patients are not able to properly absorb the necessary substances in their digestive tract through eating and taking vitamins alone. IV therapy is advantageous for bypassing the digestive system completely and enabling people to achieve higher-than-normal blood levels which can provide an immediate therapeutic response by correcting deficiencies.

The mega-dose of vitamins issued through IV therapy, which is customized to your body’s needs, also work as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. These benefits help protect you from developing illnesses or diseases, while also aiding with tissue recovery and repair.

IV therapy is an incredibly effective way to optimize your immunity and keep your body healthy and disease-free. IV therapy is used to help treat upper respiratory conditions, chronic fatigue, stress reactions, muscle pain and spasms, and is complimentary to cancer therapies.

Concierge Medicine

When you establish a level of concierge medicine with your doctor, you are taking a proactive approach to your health and well-being. Concierge medicine is a level of enhanced healthcare, which ensures that all of your health needs, questions, and concerns are answered regularly so that you can maintain a good diet, exercise regimen, and preventive treatments to ensure that your health remains in good form.

By investing in concierge medicine, you also invest in peace of mind. You have the rare opportunity to develop an incredibly strong relationship with your doctor, and all lines of communication are wide open at all times so that when you have concerns or questions, you can have your fears or worries immediately addressed. Some of the benefits of concierge medicine can include unlimited office visits, little to no waiting time, prolonged visits, comprehensive wellness plans, same-day access to your doctor, and, of course, a focus on preventive care.

Weight Loss Programs

A sedentary lifestyle is a recipe for illness and disease. Preventive medicine focuses on helping people develop a better exercise regimen – or establish an exercise routine if they do not have one already – that will keep them moving, keep weight off, and stimulate their heart, muscles, organs, and overall health and wellness.

Movement is never a bad thing. One hour of daily exercise can dramatically improve your life. But taking off pounds isn’t all about breaking a sweat. A healthy weight loss program also includes rest. Without at least eight hours of sleep every night, you will have a harder time succeeding at your weight loss goals.

Preventive medicine is intended to do a body good, so your weight loss activities will be carefully designed to appeal to what interests you most. Done properly, weight loss programs motivate you to move and achieve, even when results aren’t instantly obvious, even if you’re “too busy” to do it. The right kind of preventive care takes your personality and preferences into account so you can enjoy the weight loss efforts you’re expending and succeed at reaching your goals and improving your overall health and well-being.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is all about making good choices. Most of the population knows what’s good for them and what’s not – but we all decide what does and does not make it onto our plates and into our bodies. Busy schedules can make it difficult to cook healthy meals, and tempting restaurant offerings can sway you from making the right choices for your body. You don’t have to stay stuck in the same routine or succumb to the nutritionally deficient options you’ve long been relying upon.

Nutrition coaching is a form of preventive medicine that aids you on the road to good health by reminding you of what not to ingest, like juice-flavored waters and alcohol. However, nutrition coaching is primarily focused on taking a patient through the finer points of what you should eat and drink to develop a healthy and immunity-boosting diet (like supplements, vitamins, raw nuts and seeds, fish, and probiotics). From increasing your daily intake of water, fruits, and vegetables to switching to organic foods and grass-fed meat, a well-rounded diet is varied, rarely repetitive, and composed of the most nutritious, least toxic, and variety of colorful foods to do your body good.

To Your Good Health: Choose Preventive Medicine

Ultimately, the goal of preventive medicine is to increase your quality of life, and your lifespan. By aligning yourself with Longevity Health Institute, you will be working with Dr. James Lewerenz and his staff to determine what your body needs now, before it has a chance to become deficient or ill. Contact us at the Longevity Health Institute Rochester Hills, MI, to schedule your appointment today.