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Ozone and your health


How can ozone (o3) help heal or prevent and/or stave off illness. Ozone is 3 oxygens and when applied to the body (or blood) it has an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect, much like an antibiotic or vaccine!

Since the late 1800’s, ozone has been used to purify water. Medical use of ozone started in the 1950’s in Germany and has since grown in Europe and America. The medical properties of ozone; a potent regulator of the immune system stimulated increased uptake and utilization of oxygen, increases efficiency of the bodies antioxidant enzymes, improves circulation, is antiinflammatory and antimicrobial.

“Ozone is often used in chronic fatigue, infections and any health immune related disease”
– Dr. Lewerenz.

For more details and uses visit: www.drsozone.com or ask one of our healthcare professionals at Longevity Health Institute or Lewerenz Medical Center.