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Functional Medicine

Have you been seeking a more authentic and organic relationship with your healthcare provider?

Do you want to feel like you’re being treated for the underlying causes of what’s going on with your body rather than being given a prescription or aggressive treatment with little explanation?

You shouldn’t be expected to merely tolerate what your body is experiencing. From diabetes to cancer, rheumatoid arthritis to mental illness, no matter your affliction, functional medicine provides the necessary support for a patient and their body to function optimally.

What Is Functional Medicine?

The practice of functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, especially chronic disease. Rather than attacking a set of symptoms, functional medicine takes an individual, patient-centered approach to treatment and can include care such as anti-aging medicine, restorative treatment, and preventive medicine. Treatment addresses the whole person, not just the problem that is currently presenting itself.

Functional Medicine

Care for your ailment or condition is a therapeutic and healing partnership between patient and provider, whether as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with conventional medicine. Functional medicine seeks to identify the root causes of an affliction and address them directly, instead of covering up symptoms or making them subside temporarily.

A practitioner of functional medicine:

  • Respects that every person is genetically unique and biochemically different.
  • Supports the body’s normal and natural healing mechanisms.
  • Recognizes that the human body is an interconnected web, not independent systems.
  • Strives to not only eliminate disease but also boost vitality and stunt age-related afflictions.
  • Determines why you have a problem before initiating methods to rebalance the body.
  • Focuses on disease prevention through physical activity, nutrition, environmental factors, stress-management, detoxification, and more.
  • Is not eager to saddle a patient with the label of a disease, but to look deeper at the real sources of a problem or affliction.

When you seek out alternative treatment for your condition, you already know your body needs more support and help to function optimally beyond being poked and prodded and pumped full of drugs. Having the opportunity to spend time with a provider of functional medicine, to be heard, to convey your history and genetic traits, to explain your lifestyle and environmental situation – this kind of treatment is, for so many, the difference between a lifetime of chronic disease and a life full of vitality and good health.

Personalized Functional Medicine for Every Patient

The underlying causes of disease can be complex and there is no one size fits all when it comes to treatment. In functional medicine, treatment is customized to every patient.

Be prepared to talk honestly and openly with your practitioner about eating habits, environment, exercise, nutrition, hormonal changes, family history, medical history, employment, relationships, and more. Spiritual and societal factors will also be taken into consideration. Why so detailed? Your functional medicine practitioner wants a strong sense of your entire well-being, not just information about your physical symptoms.

The emergence and progression of disease is so often a direct result of a person’s environment, choices, and lifestyle. Functional medicine makes it possible to be proactive about your health. Predictive medicine, an arm of functional medicine, addresses afflictions that might eventually present themselves based on lifestyle factors, and pursue ways to stop these problems before they have a chance to develop.

Through functional medicine, patients are empowered to take an active role in their own health. After meeting to discuss a patient’s health, a physical exam will likely be conducted and some basic laboratory tests will be suggested. Genetic testing is a major contributor to functional medicine, enabling practitioners to determine if certain genes make patients more susceptible to certain health problems.

Functional Medicine Practitioners Empower Patients

You will quickly notice the differences between a medical office dedicated to functional medicine and an office tuned to manage conventional medical care. Your opinion as a patient truly matters in functional medicine.

You know your body best and, as such, your functional medicine practitioner wants to collaborate his newfound knowledge of you with your own thoughts about your health to design the most effective and helpful treatment plan.

It is possible to alter the way your body’s genes work. Environmental and lifestyle changes can transform your health. And when you are an active participant in the plan that is intended to heal your body, you are more likely to continue successfully on that path.

Heal Your Body Now and For the Future

Not every condition requires specific treatments like surgery or drugs that are intended to treat a symptom or problem immediately. While it may be a relief at times to have a health-related issue tended to quickly, conventional medicine does not always work over the long haul.

Functional medicine takes time and dedication on the part of your practitioner, but also you as a patient. If you are seeking out a new way to manage your health, you have already tired of the usual ways of pain and disease management. You want a new way to heal your body – for good.

If you are ready to be proactive about your health, are seeking a new way to manage your chronic condition, or are hopeful about finding proactive methods to prevent future disease, contact us at the Longevity Health Institute in Rochester Hills, MI, to schedule your appointment with Dr. James Lewerenz and functional medicine team.

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