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FDA warns: acid-blockers are only safe for 2 weeks


Acid blockers are a Band-Aid for an underlying problem. If your stomach burns, hurts or refluxes, there is a reason. The reason isn’t “you have too much acid”. There is a wound or inflammation in the digestive lining where acid reaches, leading to heartburn or pain. Using Acid-Blockers cause a multitude of malabsorption issues. The reduction in Magnesium, B12, Zinc and fat soluble vitamins A,D,E and K is well understood. There is confirmed studies that Acid-Blockers associated Magnesium deficiency can cause Arterial Fibrillation, a heart arrhythmia. “So… How about we just fix your stomach?” -Dr. Lewerenz. Ask our staff at Longevity Health Institute or Dr. Lewerenz himself on how to reverse Leaky-Gut, heartburn, GERD and IBS.