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Fast to Last

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Intermittent fasting is very en vogue right now and has gained popularity in the press. Why? Well, intermittent fasting is excellent for weight loss, gut health, blood pressure control, longevity and anti-aging. Intermittent fasting is essentially a way to reboot and start a gentle detox. The key component of intermittent fasting is consuming limited amounts of calories within a specific time frame. Best results occur when eating within an 8-hour window, while fasting throughout the night. Intermittent fasting can be defined as a few days a week, not typically consecutive days.

A study published out of Harvard School of Public Health in 2018 showed that intermittent fasting along with other quality lifestyle choices could add 12 years of life. “I call it a metabolic switch to better health. I believe we were not physiologically designed to eat whenever, wherever. Add fasting into your healthy lifestyle for better health, today!”- Dr. Lewerenz