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Drug Muggers: Drugs can steal vital nutrients from your body


There are many medications that deplete you of good nutrients and health. A few commonly known medications: Statins, Corticosteroids, Allergy Medications, Antibiotics, Birth Control Pills, Diabetic Medications, Antacids and MANY MORE, are known to deplete the body of essential nutrients for health.

The problem is the depletion of nutrients that support thyroid hormone production. Selenium is often robbed from you with the use of prescription medications. “You cannot have healthy thyroid functioning without the mineral, selenium. Selenium is found in the soil that we use to grow crops, but due to commercial farming and pesticide use, selenium levels are now reduced.

I always optimize selenium levels for our patients with underactive thyroid, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis or Hypothyroidism. Our goal is also to be on the least amount of prescription medications. The Longevity Protocol is to reduce your prescription burden and optimize your health.”- Dr. Lewerenz.