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Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine Doctor

Once upon a time, doctors were on call 24 hours a day. If someone came down with a fever, ailment, or serious injury, a doctor could be summoned immediately. Today’s medical care is very different and less personal, but some practices are trying to change that reality. By offering services from a concierge medicine doctor, the Longevity Health Institute is establishing a new kind of health care, in conjunction with the benefits of personalized medicine, functional medicine, and preventive medicine.

Understanding the Level of Care from a Concierge Medicine Doctor

The type of concierge medical care a patient chooses to receive will vary depending on their individual needs and budget. The general idea is that patients pay a retainer for basic medical care such as in-office exams and consultations, but the retainer will also include care that goes above and beyond customary medical care, such as:

  • Same-day access to your doctor.
  • Lengthy and unhurried doctor visits.
  • Ability to call or text your doctor personally.
  • Unlimited office visits with no copay.
  • Minimal or no waiting time in the office.
  • Consultations via phone, text, or online.
  • Easy prescription refills.
  • Convenient appointment scheduling.
  • Preventive care.
  • In-home visits.
  • Comprehensive wellness plans.

Some patients choose a concierge medicine doctor service if they are dealing with a major illness or chronic affliction and want 24/7 care and unlimited access to their physician and his or her team. Other patients want the benefit of ongoing preventive care to help them get and stay healthy with medical support. Retainers can usually be paid on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, depending on the patient’s needs.

How Affordable Are the Services of a Concierge Medicine Doctor?

Concierge medicine may seem like the kind of service that is accessible to only the elite, but the offerings of a concierge medicine doctor are more affordable than you may think. It isn’t necessary to select every available concierge service. Medical practices that offer concierge medicine provide personalized, immediate, thorough health care when it is needed most. Different cost options are available for different levels of care, so nearly anyone can find a niche.

Some individuals balk at the idea of paying a retainer for ongoing medical care when their health insurance gets them “good enough” care. But it’s perfectly natural to want to elevate your level of health care, especially if you have a chronic condition or serious illness. People who have a high-deductible insurance plan

Even the healthiest of patients see a great benefit in concierge medicine: After all, if you visit a doctor regularly and receive exceptional, personalized care anytime you need it, your health will be better. Your medical bills will go down by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not getting sick, not having flare-ups, and not developing new health problems.

How Does a Concierge Medicine Doctor Have Time to Offer Personalized Services?

Typically, concierge physicians care for fewer patients than in a traditional medical practice. Think of these professionals as specialists, just like a gastroenterologist or a cardiologist. They offer specific care for patients with specific needs. You can choose to work with a concierge medicine doctor or not, but if you do you can be assured of thorough, careful, and involved care for your unique well-being.

Individuals who are suspicious of insurance companies or the pharmaceutical industry are often attracted to concierge medicine because it allows you to bypass the third-party payer system. There are no conflicts of interest, and doctors are paid directly for their services. So, a doctor’s allegiance is not to another medical institution or industry, but to you alone, the patient.

Choose a Concierge Medicine Doctor for Your Health Care Needs

If you have ever lamented the lack of a relationship between you and your doctor, concierge medicine may be just the health care element you’re seeking. With fewer patients to juggle, doctors are better able to focus on you and even spend time developing methods of effective and long-lasting preventive care.

The busy lifestyles of nearly all Americans also makes it difficult to get access to quality healthcare. It’s not necessarily because you can’t afford the services, but because you can’t make time in your scheduled to visit your doctor in their office. The immediate, personal access to your concierge medicine doctor ensures that you will always be heard, no matter what health issue you’re experiencing.

Concierge medicine is a different and growing level of health care. Many doctors keep the costs low to allow more people to find the service affordable. Take the time to talk with us. We always have time for you at the Longevity Health Institute in Rochester Hills, MI.