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Protect your Noggin

Hormones lower Alzheimer’s incidences. A study in Psychoneuroendodrinology (2005) and reviewed again in 2015, showed women ages 65 to 84 that had the greatest total estrogen exposure showed the least cognitive impairment. The women using Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, estradiol, had an average of 40% reduction in the risk of cognitive impairment. Bio identical estrogens, as

Healthy hormones = Healthy hair

Thinning hair and hair loss can be very frustrating, often impacting self-image and confidence. Hormonal Imbalances are often to blame. Common imbalances to consider are Thyroid, Testosterone, Cortisol, DHEA-S and Progesterone. “I find progesterone is well underappreciated in hair protection and regrowth potential. I also find women with high stress lifestyles and adrenal hormone issues

Fast to Last

Intermittent fasting is very en vogue right now and has gained popularity in the press. Why? Well, intermittent fasting is excellent for weight loss, gut health, blood pressure control, longevity and anti-aging. Intermittent fasting is essentially a way to reboot and start a gentle detox. The key component of intermittent fasting is consuming limited amounts

Drug Muggers: Drugs can steal vital nutrients from your body

There are many medications that deplete you of good nutrients and health. A few commonly known medications: Statins, Corticosteroids, Allergy Medications, Antibiotics, Birth Control Pills, Diabetic Medications, Antacids and MANY MORE, are known to deplete the body of essential nutrients for health. The problem is the depletion of nutrients that support thyroid hormone production. Selenium

Broccoli: One of mother nature’s gifts in preventing Cancer

Studies routinely show old fashioned cruciferous vegetables or brassic as (a member of the mustard family) provide significant protection against cancers. Cornell Cancer Research Laboratory at Rockefeller University in New York and other researchers have a large body of evidence that broccoli and other cruciferous veggies reduce 16x hydroxyestrone. For every 10 grams of cruciferous

Is Your Aspirin Regimen Doing More Harm Than Good?

Is Your Aspirin Regimen Doing More Harm Than Good? How often have you heard that an aspirin a day is an excellent way to help prevent heart attack and stroke? Maybe you have been instructed to take a daily dose of aspirin. As it turns out, not everyone is suited to an aspirin a day,

Vegan. Fad or Real Health?

Vegan diets are growing in popularity in young individuals, especially females. This new trend is a purposeful approach for better nutrition, ethical issues, using the earths resources and avoidance of antibiotics and growth stimulants in animals themselves. What is real health and nutritional status of a vegan diet? To summarize a multitude of research*, vegans

Let’s get fat!

You want to live longer, healthier and reduce cardiovascular risk? Then let’s get FAT! New studies published in The Lancet showed that a high carbohydrate intake is associated with an increase of mortality. Even more interesting is that total fat and types of fats were associated with lower mortality. Fats help to make up the

Parkinson’s disease link: B12 and Homocysteine levels

A new published study in Movement Disorders and the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease has found a connection between B12, Homocysteine levels and Parkinson’s Disease. The study looked at over 680 patients, diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, over a 2-year period. Elevated homocysteine levels were associated with worse mental status and cognitive decline. The patients with lowest