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Can I get a double espresso please?


If this a common phrase for you, no matter how well and long you sleep, you awaken tired and drag your feet right into the nearest coffee shop. Well, if
this is a common occurrence, you likely have poor Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR). Your morning adrenal hormone cortisol should be at its peak or highest upon wakening. Cortisol should typically fall gradually throughout the day, until the evening when you require sleep. Symptoms and illnesses associated with a poor CAR or Adrenal Fatigue: PTSD, Chronic Pain, GI Disorders, depression, CFS (fatigue), Insomnia, Autoimmune Disease, perceived high stress, cardiovascular risks, weight gain, Fibromyalgia, coughs and colds, and many more!

The most reliable and sound way to test and assess your CAR and adrenal function is by taking a 4-point Salivary Cortisol Test. Ask Dr. Lewerenz or his staff at Longevity Health Institute for your saliva test, and save on your morning coffee!