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Coronavirus Update

Rest assured! At Longevity Health Institute we are taking every precaution possible regarding the Coronavirus. Our highest priority is the safety and health of you, your family, our staff, and our doctors. Our office has been practicing the highest level of cleanliness, sanitation, and sterilization since opening several years ago. We have always been, and

Dr. James Lewerenz Named 2019 Top Doc by Hour Detroit Magazine

Founder of the Longevity Health Institute and Lewerenz Medical Center, Dr. James Lewerenz has been named one of Detroit’s Top Docs of 2019 by Hour Detroit Media, publisher of Hour Detroit magazine. This honor is exclusive to the area, and top docs are nominated by and voted upon exclusively by M.D.s and D.O.s in southeastern

High and Low Testosterone = Bad

The male hormone, Testosterone (considering only men) typically lowers with aging. Typical declines are about 1-3 percent a year starting at age 35 to 40. Sometimes even greater. “It is not uncommon for me to see a man age 45 with a Testosterone level of a 75-year-old man these days” – Dr. Lewerenz. Low Testosterone

Vitamin C helps fight Diabetes and kills Cancer cells

A  study  from  a  European  Journal  of  Clinical  Nutrition  in  2017  showed  that  Vitamin  C  supplementation  can  improve  glycemic  (sugar)  and  insulin  regulation.  This was a high-quality randomized control trial of the effects of  Vitamin  C  on  Glucose,  HGBA1C  and  Insulin. Not  only  did  Vitamin  C  improve Diabetic outcome but when added to Metformin (a

To eat Eggs or not to eat Eggs. That is the question.

Consider this: The average American eats 295mg of Cholesterol and 3-4 eggs per week. A new Observational study in JAMA by Dr. Zhongs from the American Medical Association, examined Cholesterol consumed and eggs consumed, both respectively for 17.5 years from a group of 29,615 adults for Cardiovascular Disease and mortality. The findings? Do NOT consume

Help your entire health with Magnesium

Who wouldn’t want improved sleep, reduced stress, less pain and cramps, improved mood, improved heart, bone and muscle health? Well, that can be achieved by obtaining optimal levels of Magnesium in your body. Magnesium is a critical mineral that the body uses in more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. Studies have shown that

Hemp and CBD: Evidence and Evangelism?

CBD or therapeutic hemp oil (cannabidiol) is experiencing a huge growth in the medical world. There is medicinal value and massive public demand in the wellness, holistic and alternative therapy world. There are vast medicinal benefits but what is hype, what is harm and what has real value? Well, the problem is Cannabis/ CBD/Hemp is

Move it or lost it? How exercise helps memory.

If you desire higher brain function and memory, you better get off the couch and get moving! According to research published in Neurology (Jan. 2019), the beneficial effects of aerobic exercise and executive function, episodic memory improvement, word recall processing speed, language, attention and cortical thickness-(brain mass) are more pronounced as age increases. It appears

Autoimmunity and Your Gut

You’ve probably heard by now that your gut is responsible for 70% of your immune system. This is generally true but there’s more involved. You’ve also probably heard or have been personally affected by the rise of auto immune diseases. The rates of Type I Diabetes and Celiac disease increased by >20% in the last