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Naomi Martoia, RN

Naomi has been a registered nurse for 31 years and has focused most of her career skills in natural medicine, nutrition, and infusion therapies. She has spent the last 14 years working as an Infusion Director establishing IV therapy programs in several offices as well as developing wellness education programs for Functional Medicine.  At Longevity Health Institute, Naomi is the Concierge Nurse Liaison and manages our innovative IV program.  She offers several esthetic options within our office by bringing the benefits of PRP to patients who want thicker hair and more radiant skin. She also works closely with our supplement companies to bring you the best options to support your health journey.

Naomi is married and the mother of 2 adult children.  Their whole family loves to explore the world through hiking adventures especially in the mountains.  In her free time, she loves gardening.  In the summer you can frequently find her planting and harvesting flowers and herbs.  In the winter she loves growing edible sprouts, starting flowers from seed, and creating succulent gardens.  Her love of repurposing vintage or salvaged containers leads to many thrifting adventures. She loves making her home a place to be creative, healthy and encourage personal growth.