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A4M / Anti-Aging

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People are living longer, and they want to live better. The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) is determined to help the population do just that. By educating healthcare professionals, practitioners, scientists, and members of the public about anti-aging medicine, A4M is furthering the knowledge of new medicine based on scientific principles of comprehensive medical care.

A4M: Optimizing the Human Aging Process

By creating awareness for innovative, cutting-edge science, research, and treatment modalities, A4M is bringing together many healthcare specialties. The goal, in all ways, is to prolong the human life span, and enhance the lengthier life spans many people are granted.

To prevent diseases that are associated with aging, these afflictions must first be detected, then treated. Proactive, preventive care for people of all ages and stations of health also benefits from the tools, technology, and transformations in healthcare promoted by A4M.

A4M’s advanced education entity, the Metabolic Medical Institute (MMI), educates members in breakthrough technologies, medical protocols, and biomedical sciences. With over 26,000 global members, A4M is spreading the word and practice that it is possible to age better, easier, and healthier.

Why A4M Matters to You

It is important to understand why your practitioner of functional medicine is invested in A4M. The objectives and core activities of the non-profit group provide insight:

  • Advocate for a new form of medicine. The goal is to treat symptoms, not just disease, to help a body learn how to heal itself.
  • Promote comprehensive care. Members of A4M believe in working in tandem with traditional medicine, not taking its place or usurping it. The goal is to help people obtain the most effective, comprehensive, preventive treatments and protocols.
  • Developing new therapeutic protocols and innovative diagnostic tools means more ways for physicians and healthcare practitioners to gather information about patients and implement effective longevity treatments.
  • A4M assists in funding and promoting clinically based longevity and preventive medicine research in forms of medicine that are focused on furthering and optimizing lifespans. Continuing medical education in functional, metabolic, and regenerative medical sciences is offered to over 65,000 physicians and healthcare practitioners worldwide via live conferences and online CME education.
  • Medical professionals who have incorporate the anti-aging principles of A4M into their practice benefit from the group’s practical and applicable support. More support means more innovation and better, more thorough care.

A4M: Making Long and Healthy Living Possible

In A4M, prolonging the healthy lifespan of a human is a science- and research-based effort. Scientific evidence has made it clear that anti-aging diagnostic and treatment practices are capable of transforming lives, particularly for patients suffering with chronic disease.

Objective, evidence-based assessments are rooted in data that is acquired in an orderly and thorough process and published in peer-reviewed journals. Anti-aging medicine is a critical area of healthcare, and aging humans – all of us – should be concerned with the present and future of our good health. Detecting, preventing, and treating age-related diseases is the path to optimizing the human aging process.

Dr. James Lewerenz is an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. His patients benefit from personalized treatment in many thanks to the education, innovation, and promotion of anti-aging medicine that he gathers through his work and A4M continuing education.

Contact us at the Longevity Health Institute in Rochester Hills, MI, to schedule your anti-aging consultation with Dr. James Lewerenz and his anti-aging team.