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August 9, 2019
2 yearsago

CBD or therapeutic hemp oil (cannabidiol) is experiencing a huge growth in the medical world.

Flour-hemp-in-a-wooden-spoon,-seed-in-a-bag-and-on-the-table,-oil-in-a-glass-jar,-cannabis-leaves-on-the-background-of-wooden-boards---shutterstock_328567010There is medicinal value and massive public demand in the wellness, holistic and alternative therapy world. There are vast medicinal benefits but what is hype, what is harm and what has real value?

Well, the problem is Cannabis/ CBD/Hemp is biochemically complex plant with equally complex medical, social and political history. Most studies are preclinical or human studies that have been done outside the country.

With that being said, there seems to be very evident benefits with pain reduction, Anxiety, sleep disturbance, Seizures, and Immunity. More than 350 known clinical trials are underway in the U.S. We offer a variety of CBD products at both of our locations: Longevity Health Institute and Lewerenz Medical Center.

*Watch Dr. Lewerenz’ full detailed video about CBD/Hemp oil on YouTube/Facebook: Longevity Health Institute

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