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July 18, 2018
10 monthsago

20180718-01A new published study in Movement Disorders and the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease has found a connection between B12, Homocysteine levels and Parkinson’s Disease. The study looked at over 680 patients, diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, over a 2-year period. Elevated homocysteine levels were associated with worse mental status and cognitive decline. The patients with lowest B12 status developed greater morbidity (illness) and worsening ambulatory capacity. Brain atrophy rates have also been linked to omega 3 levels and homocysteine levels.

“The one size fits all approach for neuro-degenerative diseases is not adequate. Each individual’s biochemistry are major influencers on his or her health. Check and optimize B12 and homocysteine for prevention to avoid future memory decline and movement disorders”

-Dr. James Lewerenz

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